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Business litigation is sometimes unavoidable

Most Massachusetts entrepreneurs go into business without considering they may someday face a lawsuit. Depending on the type of business entity they have chosen, they may face personal and professional losses if the business litigation does not go their way. This is why it is critical for business owners to be prepared for the possibility that someone may file a claim against them in civil court.

Among the most common business disputes are those involving contracts. Breach of contract means that a client, employee or other party feels the business did not fulfill its terms of the contract. These can be complex cases, and a business’s liability insurance may not cover the cost. Business owners may reduce the chances of such lawsuits by having their contracts evaluated by an attorney.

How does bankruptcy protect you?

Financial struggles are nothing new to many people here in Massachusetts, just like other parts of the country. If you are in the midst of a monetary crisis, you can probably empathize with others who are in the same position. Like them, you may have tried cutting your budget, eliminating luxury items and more, but nothing seems to work. There just isn't enough money left at the end of your paycheck.

Maybe you've heard other people talk about bankruptcy and think it may be right for you. However, you want to know just what types of protections it can offer you before taking that step.

Avoid these common estate planning mistakes

Many people don’t consider their estate plan much farther than simply putting together a simple will. This causes Massachusetts families to fight over things left out of the will or bad blood because someone’s left out entirely.

A lot of grief, time and money can be saved by catching these common estate planning mistakes before it’s too late:

A bankruptcy law attorney may help those being sued by creditors

Many Massachusetts residents are living with a great deal of debt. Some can get by making their minimum payments, while others lack the funds to pay their creditors anything. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to collect, creditors typically take one to court to seek reimbursement. A bankruptcy law attorney may be able to help those who end up being sued over their debts -- or even before things get that bad.

Those who think creditors won't go as far as taking them to court for the repayment of debt might be shocked to learn that it is a relatively common practice. Creditors want to get paid, plain and simple, and filing a lawsuit against a debtor is one way for them to get at least a portion, if not all, of what they are owed. If one's case does go this far, one might have to pay the debt, interest and legal fees if the creditor secures a judgment.

5 things to think about before starting your small business

Many people dream of starting their own small business, whether a storefront along a quiet main street, a digitally-focused offering in a busy office building or an online service for customers across the country. In fact, many have already taken the plunge. Businesses with fewer than 10 employees account for three-quarters of all businesses in the state.

If you’re thinking about jumping into the fray, know it isn’t always a simple process. Here are five things to consider.

What will happen to your passwords after you pass?

What do you think of when you think of estate planning? You may think of wills, trusts, and other integral pieces of an estate plan. However, do you think of your online passwords? Today, more than ever, our lives revolve around having a personal web presence to handle everything from paying bills to connecting with long lost friends.

Because we utilize the internet for so much of our lives these days, it's important that we track the usernames and passwords for our online accounts. Here are a few examples of why you should jot down your login info:

Start saving: nursing home costs are on the rise

There comes a time in many of our lives when we must admit ourselves, our parent or other loved one into a nursing home facility, assisted living facility or obtain in-home nursing care. The unfortunate reality? It’s never cheap, especially nursing homes and is only becoming more and more expensive.

The average cost for nursing home care is astronomical. A semi-private room will cost you, on average, $245 per day, $7,441 per month and $89,297 per year.

Adopting a proactive, efficient strategy to address business conflict

Established Massachusetts business principals are collectively an impressive bunch. The American commercial realm is above all else a Darwinian universe where weak actors do not long survive. Turning an entrepreneurial idea into a workable vision translating to market success is truly a laudable accomplishment. Proven business participants are flat-out smart and forward-thinking people.

Yet they are not clairvoyant, especially concerning recurrent industry challenges and risks. Those obstacles repeatedly emerge for every business owner/manager, and they must be routinely identified and optimally dealt with.

How to know if you hired a shady contractor

Finding the right person to work on your home can be difficult. Many websites offer recommendations on home remodeling professionals, and your friends or family may have suggestions. However, it can be hard to trust online reviews, and even a friend's recommendation will occasionally fall short.

In Massachusetts, all contractors or subcontractors that work on a one to four-unit residential building must register as a Home Improvement Contractor under the Home Improvement Contractor Act. According to the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation, this law also protects homeowners and gives you recourse if a contractor fails to comply.

Estate planning disputes: How often does a will contest flare up?

Estate planning outcomes in Massachusetts vary widely, which is hardly surprising. After all, the relevant details surrounding estate administration in any given case spotlight matters that are unique to affected parties. Every family is different, which understandably makes every resolution distinct and materially varied.

Having said that, though, it can certainly be stated that estate administration often goes off without a hitch. We underscore that point on our website at the proven Braintree estate planning Fein Law Office, from our perspective as experienced advocates and, when necessary, litigators for valued and diverse clients in the planning realm.

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