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Bankruptcy filing basics

Not everyone understands what bankruptcy involves, which could be troubling for a person struggling with heavy debt. Bankruptcy laws exist to protect people from aggressive collection actions while allowing them a legal option to address an untenable debt situation....

What is the means test and how does it work?

Filing for bankruptcy is something that some Massachusetts residents might want to do if they’re heavily in debt. If you choose to file, you might have to first take the means test. It’s important to know what this is and how it works. What is the means test? The...

Pros and cons of hiring a bankruptcy attorney

Massachusetts residents with overwhelming debt might consider filing for bankruptcy. Hiring an attorney to help is often wise. Should you file bankruptcy on your own? Many people find it tempting to file for bankruptcy on their own, which is known as "pro se."...

Overview of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Sometimes, a situation occurs beyond the consumer's control, and they can no longer pay their debts. A consumer overwhelmed with debt in Braintree, Massachusetts, can legally get debts discharged through bankruptcy. There are several types of bankruptcy, but many...

Why do people fear bankruptcy?

Many people in Massachusetts avoid filing for bankruptcy because they fear that it will ruin their lives. Due to popular misconceptions about bankruptcy, some people believe that they will lose all their property or never be able to take out a loan again. In fact,...