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Don’t let change orders, or lack thereof, be your undoing

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Construction Litigation

Construction projects, whether residential or commercial, can be difficult to get through. A lot goes into the construction process, and mistakes can cost those involved in a project a lot of time and money. One way those in Massachusetts can protect themselves throughout the construction process is by using change orders when needed and making sure those orders are clear.

A change order is just what it sounds like — a document that is used to record a modification to the original construction contract. Change orders can and should be used if there is an adjustment to price, scope of work or construction schedule — among other things. The order may become necessary because of requested upgrades or additions to a project. In addition, errors in the original contract or unpredictable conditions may also elicit a need for a change.

A good change order will be highly detailed. It will also be formally written and prepared. Once created, the order should be signed by all involved parties so that everyone is on the same page.

There are some individuals out there who prefer verbal agreements over written contracts, but such agreements may be challenging to enforce. Having correctly prepared change orders for all construction project modifications — no matter how small the adjustments might seem — can help one if any issues arise over contract terms. Those in Massachusetts who need assistance creating or disputing change orders or other construction-related contracts can turn to legal counsel for assistance. With the right help, various problems can be avoided during a construction project, and any issues that do arise can be resolved as quickly as possible.