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Prevent contesting your will

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Will Contests

After making your will and filing it in Massachusetts, you might think that the process is over. For the most part, there’s nothing else that needs to be done aside from reading the will after your passing. However, there are times when your will can be contested. Here are a few common issues that could lead to this process.


Among the common reasons of will contests that could occur, not updating your will after a life event is one of the most popular. If you get married or divorced, then you need to make updates to your will. If you have children or you lose children, then the information should be updated. You should also update your will if you inherit a large amount of money or a large piece of property. If you fail to update your will after a life event, then it could be contested so that the people in the will don’t get what’s listed or so that others are added to your will.

Multiple wills

Sometimes, you might make one will and forget about it and then make another one. If you have multiple wills, then one or both could be contested. Most of the time, the most recent will be used when dividing assets instead of the first one filed.

If you’re ready to begin making your will, consider seeking the assistance of a family attorney. You can give your attorney information about your assets and how you want them divided among family members, friends, and organizations. The will can then be filed appropriately with the court until it’s time for the reading.