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Problems with construction contractors that become legal

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Construction Litigation

Contractors face a number of complexities as they work on construction projects. A simple misunderstanding can lead to a major error that leads to the filing of construction litigation in Massachusetts. Property owners must know when their problems have become legal matters.

Construction problems to be aware of

When working with construction contractors, several problems occur if you hire individuals who lack experience, manners or professionalism. There are a lot of complex steps to take when developing a construction project. It’s easy to make an error during any task, whether it’s ordering customized materials or reading specifications on a blueprint.

Another common issue occurs when contractors stop communicating. They may be unclear of the estimated date and time when a project task will be completed. Some unreliable contractors are too busy to respond to their calls, which causes further delays to the project.

Types of construction litigation

For every problem with your project, there is a specific form of construction litigation that you can pursue. If your construction project is experiencing one long delay or a series of delays, file a construction delay claim. You lose money, time and patience for every day or week that the work is postponed.

A professional liability claim is submitted against a contractor for giving incorrect advice about the project’s details or misrepresenting one’s level of expertise. Similarly, a failure-to-disclose claim is filed when certain details are not disclosed in a contract. In any case, the guilty party may have to cover the damages for any losses caused.

The legal options for dissatisfied clients

Construction law is designed to protect buyers as they handle disputes related to construction projects. Receiving below-standard services or materials is one reason to pursue a lawsuit. To avoid making the project more disastrous, you are encouraged to get your money back and move on to the next contractor.