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Pros and cons of hiring a bankruptcy attorney

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2022 | Bankruptcy

Massachusetts residents with overwhelming debt might consider filing for bankruptcy. Hiring an attorney to help is often wise.

Should you file bankruptcy on your own?

Many people find it tempting to file for bankruptcy on their own, which is known as “pro se.” Although you are free to file on your own, bankruptcy law is often complex and requires a certain level of knowledge. If you hit any boundaries and need assistance, the way to make things easier is to have legal assistance from an attorney.

What are the pros of having a bankruptcy attorney?

When you file for bankruptcy and have an attorney, the process can go much more smoothly than if you go it alone. You can enjoy peace of mind that your attorney will handle certain matters for you. In most cases, they will offer you a free initial consultation, which means if you decide you don’t want to hire that lawyer, you can meet with another.

Having an attorney on your side gives you the advantage of getting legal advice such as which type of bankruptcy is most suitable for you to file. They will know all of the relevant paperwork you need when you file and can represent you when your case goes to court.

Having a consumer bankruptcy attorney representing you also means that creditors are less likely to try to take advantage of you. Your attorney may prove invaluable and protect your rights every step of the way.

What are the cons of having a bankruptcy attorney?

Being in debt already means you have problems with your finances. As a result, hiring a bankruptcy attorney can be costly when you’re trying to avoid more expenses. Depending on the attorney you choose, you could spend a lot on their fees.

Having someone with legal knowledge on your side can only help you. In the end, it may be well worth the fees to give you peace of mind.