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An LLC and its Articles of Organization

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2022 | Business Formation

When forming a business, you can choose different ways to formally organize it, depending on your business needs and goals. A limited liability company protects your personal assets from business debts, offers certain tax advantages, and can help raise capital. To set up your LLC, you must file Articles of Organization with the state

The Articles of Organization defined

Articles of Organization make your venture official. In some states, this business formation document has a different name with the same purpose. The form helps you record basic information on your business and file it with your state’s appropriate office.

What the form covers

Your LLC is formally created once you file the Articles of Organization and the state approves them. The information you need to supply varies slightly among states but typically includes the following:

  • Business name and mailing address – check for any state rules on naming and verify that no other company uses your business name, or the state will reject your form.
  • Address of the LLC – typically requires a street address.
  • Purpose of the business – a broad statement usually suffices.
  • Names of members or managers.
  • The state law or statute that permits your LLC to operate (usually printed for you on the form).
  • Effective date.
  • Duration of the LLC – can be perpetual or indefinite.
  • Registered agent information – the physical address of the person receiving legal documents on behalf of your company.

The filing process

Completing the form and filing it with your state takes a few steps, which you can find outlined on your Secretary of State’s website. Have your business information ready to enter before starting the process.
After accessing the form and providing the basic data, prepare to answer additional questions about your business. This includes details on the operations of your company and other organizational information.
Once you have completed the form, submit the online data to file it electronically. Some states might require you to print the form and submit it by mail with a payment by check.