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4 signs you hired an unreliable lawyer

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2024 | Business & Commercial Litigation

Lawyers are among the most highly sought-after professionals. Not only do they represent clients in court, but they also help people handle everyday legal issues. Thus, when you hire a lawyer, you must be able to trust them.

Unfortunately, some people discover their lawyer is unreliable. Here are four telltale signs you may have hired a bad lawyer:

1. Poor communication

Lawyers need to communicate frequently with their clients to avoid cases of missed deadlines, incorrect paperwork filing and substandard services in general. 

Your lawyer should ask you adequate questions to learn more about your case and understand your expected outcome. Further, they should keep you informed about your case and respond to your messages, emails and calls on time. Failing to do these things could harm your case.

2. Unethical behaviors

A lawyer with unethical behaviors, such as showing up to court late, missing deadlines, making important decisions without the client’s input and failing to disclose conflicts of interest, can cost you. Lawyers must act professionally at all times.

3. Contradicting information

A lawyer can change their approach as the case unfolds. For example, they might change strategy if the other side presents new evidence. But your lawyer should not contradict what they told you earlier about the law. This might be a sign they do not know their stuff or have not done their research.

4. Hidden fees

Your lawyer should inform you of the payment structure they will use beforehand. If they are not upfront about their fees or keep handing you vague expenses, you should worry.

If an unreliable lawyer negatively impacts your case/situation, learn more about your options and rights to understand the steps to take to resolve the situation.