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Construction Litigation FAQ

Are you a homeowner who has suffered damages due to construction defects, breach of contract or other by a construction professional?

Your rights under the law and an experienced construction litigation lawyer can help you pursue fair compensation for your losses.

On this page, we will answer a few general questions about construction litigation. To learn how the law applies in your specific circumstances, contact Christopher J. Fein at Fein Law Office in Braintree.

How do I know if I have a valid claim?

You can’t be sure your claim is actionable unless you speak with an attorney who is experienced representing homeowners in construction lawsuits. There are numerous circumstances in which you should explore your legal options. If you have suffered financial loss due to structural defects, water intrusion, soil erosion, nonperformance, cost overruns, electrical and plumbing defects or any other defect, or if you suspect you have been the victim of fraud or breach of contract, talk to an experienced construction litigation attorney who can protect your rights.

What do I stand to recover?

Relief in a construction lawsuit often arrives in the form of repair of the structure in question. If the contractor or subcontractor cannot adequately repair the structure, money damages may be awarded. In some cases, homeowners can recover costs for the diminished value of the property, attorney’s fees or injuries that were caused due to the defect. An experienced construction law attorney can help you understand how the law applies to your situation. At Fein Law Office, we pursue compensation from all responsible parties so that our clients obtain the maximum amount of relief available under the law.

How will my claim be resolved?

In most cases, construction contracts stipulate that disputes be handled in arbitration. If that was not written into your contract, your claim may be resolved through negotiation or traditional litigation.

For an initial consultation with a knowledgeable Braintree construction litigation attorney, call 800-580-9173 or email Fein Law Office.

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