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Understanding Probate

Are you facing the probate process in Massachusetts? Fein Law Office in Braintree is here to answer your questions and help you understand the process. With more than 15 years of probate law experience, attorney Christopher J. Fein is prepared to protect your rights in this complex legal matter.

Probate Basics

The death of a loved one can bring many legal and financial challenges that must be handled with care. The probate process takes place after someone dies and generally entails:

  • Appointment of the executor
  • Proving the validity of the will
  • Identifying and appraising estate assets
  • Paying debts and taxes of the estate
  • Distributing assets in accordance with the will

Probate can become very complex, especially if there is a dispute over the will or another aspect of the decedent’s estate plan.

Fein Law Office works with clients closely to make sure they understand their rights and options in probate. This is a sensitive issue that must be handled with care. Mistakes in the probate process can result in significant unnecessary expense and even cause conflicts within the family. Sometimes, disagreement is impossible to avoid, but a skilled probate lawyer can protect your rights while pursuing an outcome that does not create unnecessary strife.

Fein Law Office understands the importance of achieving amicable outcomes, especially when disputing parties are close family relations. When an amicable outcome is not possible, the firm is always prepared for strong litigation.

Talk To An Experienced Probate Attorney

If you are facing legal and financial challenges after the death of a family member, it is important to consult with a lawyer who understands the probate process in Massachusetts. To have your estate planning concerns heard with an experienced will and trust lawyer in Braintree, contact the firm at 800-580-9173 or by email.

Case Studies

Business: Forced sale of portfolio of multimillion-dollar commercial property lacking valid contract

Legal malpractice: Recovered more than $180,000 in legal malpractice case involving bankruptcy

Civil and Business Litigation: Obtained judgment for homeowner against contractor for more than

Bankruptcy: Represented hundreds of individual and business debtors in legally eliminating millions of dollars in debt