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Wiping Out Debt With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Crushing debt, harassing phone calls, threats of wage garnishment and other collection activities — imagine wiping out all of these problems in one fell stroke. Chapter 7 bankruptcy makes this possible, leaving those who successfully go through the process with a clean financial slate.

If you’re going to file for Chapter 7, you want to do it right. With more than 15 years of legal experience, Braintree bankruptcy attorney Christopher J. Fein can guide you through the process and get on the road to total freedom from debt.

Is Chapter 7 Right For You?

Anyone who struggles with debt knows that the longer they wait, the fewer options they have at their disposal. Some people put their faith in debt consolidation companies that offer no true legal protections or meaningful debt relief. Some choose to do nothing and live a life of constantly dodging creditors and wondering when the next knock on the door is a process server.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers true debt relief. When you file under Chapter 7, your unsecured debt goes away and doesn’t come back. What’s better, you no longer have to worry about:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Bank account levies
  • Harassing phone calls and letters

Filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 is a good option for those with significant unsecured debt, including credit card and medical debt. Some people worry about losing all their property in Chapter 7, but, in fact, bankruptcy exemptions often allow those who file to keep most if not all of their property.

Do I Qualify?

Not everyone with debt problems qualifies for Chapter 7. You must pass a means test that proves you are truly unable to pay back your creditors. Whether or not you are eligible depends on many factors, including the amount of debt you owe and the total amount of assets you hold.

Mr. Fein can guide you through all aspects of the Chapter 7 process, including understanding and preparing for the means test.

For those who do not qualify, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a viable option. Talk with a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer before making any important decisions about your financial future.

Is the “bankruptcy stigma” holding you back? Most people who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy have fallen on hard times and have no other choice. The government wouldn’t offer you a second chance if you didn’t deserve it. Make the most of your legal rights and talk to an experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Braintree today.

Call 800-580-9173 to discuss your debt relief options.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Case Studies

Business: Forced sale of portfolio of multimillion-dollar commercial property lacking valid contract

Legal malpractice: Recovered more than $180,000 in legal malpractice case involving bankruptcy

Civil and Business Litigation: Obtained judgment for homeowner against contractor for more than

Bankruptcy: Represented hundreds of individual and business debtors in legally eliminating millions of dollars in debt