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Have You Been The Victim Of Legal Malpractice?

Every time an individual or business hires a lawyer, they are putting their faith in the lawyer’s abilities. While a lawyer cannot guarantee results, he or she should be able to guarantee that every client will receive representation that meets professional standards of care. In too many cases, attorneys fail to live up to these standards.

Acts of legal malpractice can cause serious financial harm. If you believe you have been injured by an act of legal malpractice, it is important to discuss your situation with an attorney who has experience handling these types of cases. Fein Law Office provides exceptional representation to individuals and businesses who have been victimized by all kinds of professional malpractice, including legal malpractice.

Hold Attorneys Accounting For Committing Acts Of Malpractice

Not every adverse result constitutes malpractice. There are, however, situations when a lawyer’s actions (or failure to take action) cause profound damage and give rise to a malpractice claim. Some of the most common types of claims involve:

  • Failing to file a claim before the statute of limitations runs
  • Misusing or failing to distribute client funds
  • Failing to properly advise the client (failing to notify the client about settlement offers, failing to inform and counsel the client about major case developments, etc.)
  • Representing clients when the attorney has a conflict of interest
  • Failing to adhere to court-ordered deadlines

At the outset of your case, Christopher J. Fein will analyze the facts of your case, showing how your previous lawyer breached his or her duty to you. An established civil litigator with more than a decade of experience, he knows how to prepare a strong case that will give you every opportunity to recover the damages you are entitled to receive. Our firm’s common sense approach to meeting our client’s legal needs has led to successful outcomes time and again.

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Case Studies

Business: Forced sale of portfolio of multimillion-dollar commercial property lacking valid contract

Legal malpractice: Recovered more than $180,000 in legal malpractice case involving bankruptcy

Civil and Business Litigation: Obtained judgment for homeowner against contractor for more than

Bankruptcy: Represented hundreds of individual and business debtors in legally eliminating millions of dollars in debt